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Guy “Deuce” Peckitt



On September 21, 2016, Guy Peckitt  hit a golf shot that shook the golfing community of Foxfire Village.  On that day he accomplished a feat that very few golfers in the world have ever done.  He hit a shot from the fairway of the 4th hole on the Red Fox golf course that sailed over 230 yards and found the cup for a score of 2 on the par five hole.  Needless to say his playing companions Chad DeBonis, Bill Kirk and John Quella were shocked and amazed to find the ball in the cup when they arrived at the green.  No doubt that Guy was thrilled to make a 2 on a par 5 hole (an Albatross or Double Eagle depending on who you ask).  While I didn’t ask him, I think it is safe to say that he won the hole.
A hole in one is the most celebrated shot in the game of golf.  The reason being that it is rare, but far more likely to occur than a double eagle.  How much more likely you wonder?  The estimated odds on making a hole in one are 13,000 to one.  Rare indeed, but a hole in one pales in comparison to a double eagle.
Dean Knuth, who was senior director of the handicap department at the USGA from 1981 to 1997 says that the odds on making a double eagle are about a million to one.  That makes your chances of becoming one of the couple of hundred golfers a year to make a double eagle (as opposed to 40,000 aces) better than being killed by a shark (one in 350 million) or dying from a dog bite (one in 18 million) but worse than being struck by lightning (one in 555,000).
So congratulations Guy!  We will all celebrate your feat with a cold beverage at the clubhouse bar soon.  By the way, what is your member number?

Updating Directory Information

Hello Foxfire Residents and property owners.  We are in the final stages of putting out the 2017-18 directory.  In an effort to be as accurate as possible, please check your listing in the directory at:

Foxfire Directory 2015 – 16

and if there are any changes, send them to me at:  Please note that the online directory is password protected.  If you are NOT a member of the FPOA and do not have a password, you will either have to look at a printed copy of the book or just send me your information via email if you know it has changed since fall of 2014.

If you notice that there is an error anywhere in the book, let me know that as well.

Many thanks for your help.

Dave Rossman