The New & Updated Foxfire Property Owners Association Web Site



As you can see, the new/updated Foxfire Property Owners Association Web Site is up and running. Our new web page address or URL is: To send mail to the Webmaster, simply send an email to or use the appropriate choice presented on the web page.

Please note this e-mail routing is one way towards the Webmaster. It is not a chat room or part of the FPOA e-mail network or a vehicle to forward mail to other residents of Foxfire.

The Home Page of the Foxfire Property Owners Association web page and other posts will be available to anyone surfing the web. It will contain such topics as: our bimonthly newsletter, FoxTrax, Board Meeting Agenda, Board Minutes, Social Events & Clubs activities, Annual Events pictures, etc. There will be password-protected sections and posts for most of the pages.

Password protected sections are for Foxfire residents ONLY.

To permit us to list your email address, you must email the Webmaster with your name, member number and e-mail address requesting that your email address be made available on this web site to only Foxfire Property Owners. You will need to register a password that will permit you to access all of the protected pages. This is an additional effort designed to enhance communications to the folks that are on-line while they are away from Foxfire. Any suggestions you may have for improving this web page are welcome and may be sent to:

It may not look like much now…..but the best is yet to come!




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