Recently, the Village Council commissioned the FPOA to coordinate a list of volunteers, willing to help our neighbors dispose of yard waste in the Village facility by the water tank who are not able to do it themselves.  The waste will be collected and containerized by neighbors, friends and / or outside contractors.  Only village residents are able to dispose of yard waste at our local facility, so the rule that has always been in place, will now be strictly enforced.

We are looking to assemble a list of people along with their phone numbers so that those in need will be able to call for someone to pick their “bagged waste” up and deliver it to our facility on any Tuesday or Friday between 4:00 and 5:00.  Arrangements will be made personally, on the phone whenever the need arises.

Your help in doing this service would be greatly appreciated and is desperately needed. If you have a vehicle that can haul this sort of thing (i.e. pick-up truck, SUV, wagon for your golf cart, trailer for your car, etc.) and would volunteer, please let me know via phone or email and I’ll get you on the list.

This is a great community service for our small family of Foxfire residents and will go a long way to helping those who are in need.  If you have any questions or would like to be on the list, please call me at 281-0234 or email me at boxguy100@gmail.com.

The FPOA and Foxfire Village Council thanks you.


Dave Rossman

FPOA Chairman

List of Volunteers

Pete Howard: 255-6109

Don Nelson: 255-4450

Jack Frusco: 281-5509

Wayne Chalker: 281-5848

Terry Goodwin: 330-671-8669 (cell phone)

Pete Thingstad: 673-3851

Bob Imars: 673-4300


  1. Got old truck, and will drive. I’m already taking stuff for folks on Fridays. I could make two trips without much problem, but I can’t do lifting.
    Call me Dave. 673-3851

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